Before contacting us, please take a look at answers to some Frequently Asked Questions


1.Log into your account

2.Click on Credit Shop


3. Click the (Buy Now) button to purchase credits     

4.The amount of credits you have in your account

5. Click the Team Credits tab to add or donate credits to your team thats registering for the tournament

6.Donate Credits 




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Step 1:

  • Click the button CREATE ACCOUNT or Register.
  • This will bring you to an account registration form.

Step 2:

  • Complete the form by answering the requested details.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA answer and press the button “Register”.


Step 3:

An email will be sent to your specified email address requesting to confirm your account

  • Select the link or copy the URL in your email address and enter it into your browser URL bar.

Note: Emails may be sent to your junk email, please check your junk email before requesting support.            

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To Register for any tournament on our site you must first start by creating a team.There are two different types of teams you can register for, a (1v1all) which is for all registered players to create.By making a team under this format this will allow you as the "individual"player to get into any tournament on the website.When registering for a tournament using your (1v1all team) your IGL League points & rankings will go directly to your personal user name.


The second type of team you can register for would be the option (Team-game specific), which is intended for all games that is team based.Only one person per team or (team captin) needs to create and manage team logistics when registering for a tournament.

Steps For Entering in tournament after team has been created. 

  1. Switch User to a team
  2. Click the "View Rules" link to see key rules such as eligibility,maximum roster, and cost
  3. Click Register team4. Join Tournament 


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  1. Use the "Create a Team" button and fill out the information
  2. Anytime you are doing anything related to your tournament, always make sure you have it selected from the dropdown. Otherwise, it will not appear that you are not able to see certain info.

LAST UPDATED July 16, 2017 06:21pm

1, Log in to your account and select the team from the dropdown menu 

2. Select the Team Page from Drop Down Menu 

3. Click the Tournament Tab 

4.Click the check in button that coorolates with the tournament 

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  1. Choose your team from the dropdown on the left side of the page
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click the "Team and Invites" tab
  4. Select "Leave Team"

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1. After the match is completed, return to the match page and report the score.

2.Then upload relevent screenshots such as the score screen.These will be used for secure secure records or in case of dispute.

3. After the score is reported,the dispute match button will be available for any issues.


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