1.Teams and players are responsible for reading and understanding the rules. Any rule violations can result in suspension, match forfeits, league ban, or any other punishment that IGL moderators deem appropriate. Alterations to these rules can be made at any time and updates will be posted on the news page. Not being aware of a rule is not an excuse for breaking one.

These are the general IGL rules that govern all games. Each game has a subset of specific rules for that league, tournament, or event. Those rules can be found on the event page. If there is a rules on an event rule set that contradicts  rules on this overall rule page, then the rule on the specific event page is to be followed.


All players are required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action can include, but is not limited to, racism, profanity, rude/vulgar acts, abusive remarks, or disrespect of an official in game, on social media, or any other form of communication. Player handles and team fall under these same provisions and cannot be similar to another user's handle, team name, admin or moderators name, or a different organization. Sportsmanship misconduct on any form of communication or social media can result in a ban from the league.
Sportsmanship violations can be reported as a dispute. In the case of poor sportsmanship, mute or ignore the enemy player and finish out the match. 
3.Your handle and username cannot change anytime during an event, league, season, or tournament.

Team Captains are in control of every aspect of the team. Team Captains have the right to edit team information, add or remove members on the team, schedule matches, report scores, and file disputes. Every team is required to have a Team Captain. The Captain takes responsibility for the eligibility and actions of all the players on their roster.
Terminating a captain will require confirmed emails from every other starting player on the roster. Once the original captain is terminated, a new captain will be assigned based on the votes from the remaining players.
Teams are commited to one team. If you want to play in multiple games, you must be on multiple teams. Players cannot be added to the roster once rosters are locked.
Maximum players vary by game title and can be found in that games rule set.
Players allowed to team together vary by game title and can be found in that game's rule set.
Players are not eligible to play in a match unless they are on that team’s official roster. Teams must have a full starting roster in order to participate in matches. Failure to present the full roster will result in a forfeit of the match.

Each team is assigned to one game and can only participate in one league for that specific game. Players on that team can only participate on that team for that game and league. However, players can participate on other teams for other games. Players can be on a maximum of one team per game title. This applies for everyone on the roster including starters, substitutes, and coaches. If you are not playing on a team, you must remove yourself from that roster before rosters are locked.
Players can only play on their accounts for the roster they are on. Any team caught using a ringer, smurf, or non-rostered player will have any affected matches overturned. Falsify, misleading, or assuming someone else’s identity is considered fraud and  all legal action may be taken against an individual attempting to gain prizes through such actions. The team captain, full roster, and the player in question will face a lifetime ban from all IGL leagues, tournaments, and matches.
Ringing/smurfing penalties include participation by a non-college or university student. All teammates are subject to lifetime ban.
Scheduling varies by league and format of the event. Please refer to the event rules for scheduling instructions.
While communicating via other third party applications (In-game, Skype, STEAM, etc.) is commonplace, the IGL will only accept communication logs from the IGL match page as evidence in the case of dispute.
Match start times and related rules vary by event and can be found on the event's rules page.
If no rules are stated, then 15 minutes is the alloted time for a match to start before the team without a full roster forfeits the match. A team must have a full roster present to receive the win. 
Failure to show up for a match or leaving a match early may be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and punished accordingly. If a team does not show up for 2 matches without warning, then that team will be removed from the event. Teams who do not show up for 2 matches may not be removed from the event if an admin confirms that teams had legitimate reasons to miss the matches or did everything in their power to attend and was unable.
The winning team must report the score. Once a score is reported, it cannot be altered except by a moderator. If a mistake made or rule is violated regarding the score then a dispute must be filed.All players must provide a screenshot or picture of screen as proof of who won match.
Failure to report the score within 24 hours of completion will result in the assumption that the match never took place.
Throwing or purposefully losing a game or match is not allowed for any reason. Doing so may result in suspension or a ban.
If a match is underway and a player must leave for personal or emergency reason, then the player will notify the opposing team in a sportsmanlike manner and forfeit the full match. 
In the event that the other team does not show up, then the admin of the team that is present should state in the match Chat Log that the other team did not show up. The admin will then set the score.
Players are solely responsible for their own connectivity during matches. DDoS protection is the responsibility of the players and match scores will not be altered based on connectivity.
In the event of a server issue that does not allow a match to be created, please make a dispute to notify the moderators and start the match as soon as possible.
Issues will occur and we encourage sportsmanship and fair play from both sides when dealing with and offering understanding regarding these problems.
Please read all listed rules here and on the game’s set of rules before filing a dispute.
All disputes must be filed within 24 hours of the completion of the reported match.
Lying, withholding information, or filing false disputes will result in suspension or greater penalties.
There will be gray areas in all games when handling disputes so we ask that players be understanding with moderators and game directors who will make the best possible decision for fair play based on the situation.
 IGL reserves the right to arrange shared or exclusive casting and broadcasting of any match for any IGL event. Media partners may be given the right to contact teams directly for server information to facilitate casting. Teams failing to cooperate with the IGL’s media partners or IGL staff may receive a forfeit loss or be removed from the event. The IGL also reserves the right to sites to post IGL matches regardless of participating teams’ approval. Teams or players that fail to play their matches or refuse to cut personal broadcasts because of the above can and will be forfeited, not awarded any refunds for entry fees paid for the said event and potentially suspended.
Teams are allowed and encouraged to arrange their own match coverage when the IGL is not broadcasting the match. 
Individual players who are participating in a match are allowed to personally broadcast from their point of view whether the match is being officially broadcasted or not. If this player is substituted out of the match, then they must immediately stop broadcasting. We encourage players to stream from their personal account and link their Twitch account by filling in their Twitch name in the appropriate profile field.
All outside casters must have a delay with the built-in game delay. It is the responsibility of both teams to verify that the coverage delays are set properly before starting the match. Matches that begin without the proper delay will be accepted as is, and cannot be disputed after the fact.
Prizes are stated prior to the start of the league. 
If an individual or team qualifies to receive event prizing, the following policies must be observed.
Physical Prizes: All individuals eligible to receive physical prizing (computer cases, graphic cards, etc.) will need to submit an IGL earnings form. These forms will not only provide as acceptance of your prize, but will provide IGL with the physical address for the delivery of the prize. The IGL will pay for all costs associated with domestic shipping of the prize but will NOT pay for international shipping. Any physical prizes NOT claimed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event will be forfeited.
Each winner, by entering in any IGL event or contest, consents to the inclusion of his or her name on a list of winners made available to any and all sponsors.
CHEATING IN AN IGL EVENT CONSTITUTES A FORM OF FRAUD. In the circumstance that a player is awarded credits or product and then later found to be cheating at any point by a retroactive examination of the player, that player will be required to repay the IGL the full amount of money earned or full market value of product distributed at the time of distribution. Any prizes collected by the IGL in this fashion will be redistributed to the community via another event. Players who were awarded monies or prizes and then later found cheating in an entirely separate event will not be required to make reparations. Legal action will be taken for reparations.
In the event that a player is suspended for any infraction which provides unfair advantage to his/her team during any playoff, tournament, or other bracket-based event (i.e. non-season play) -- for example, cheating suspension -- the entire team will forfeit ALL Prizes to which the team would otherwise be entitled. If a team is disqualified from any bracket-based event for any reason, the entire team will forfeit ALL Prizes to which the team would otherwise be entitled. All IGL bans handed out to a player results in the forfeiture of all prizes earned or owed to the player.
Any form of betting, fantasy esports, wagering money on or affiliated with ANY IGL event is strictly prohibited to ALL IGL members. There is zero tolerance policy regarding this matter. It does not matter if you do not play the game, know the players, or have any involvement, if you are an IGL member then you cannot wager anything on or within IGL events.
To the extent permitted by applicable law, all events, contests, and these Official Rules will be governed, construed and interpreted under the laws of the state of Louisiana, USA.
If a team attempts to manipulate or exploit an IGL rule in any way other than for its intended use, the AVGL staff reserve the right to make a final decision and interpretation on the rule in question for the given event match and/or dispute.

These Official Rules are subject to any requirements/limitations imposed by the Federal Communications Commission.
All IGL events and contests are subject to applicable Federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.
Members agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of the IGL, which are final and binding in all respects.
The IGL reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify any contest or event, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond the IGL's reasonable control affect the administration, security or proper play of the event or contest or the IGL otherwise becomes (as determined in its sole discretion) incapable of running the event or contest as planned. IGL reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual found in violation of the Official rules, tampering with any of our software applications, or tampering with the registration process or the operation of any event or contest.
IGL failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

The IGL reserves the right to ammend, alter, or clarify these rules at any time.